E-Magazine : FEB-MARCH 2016
Poems by ‘Silpika Kalita’ written for Avenewz News Australia

Avenewz News Australia & Singapore is pleased to present the few selected Poems written by an amazing poet from Assam, India. Ms. Kalita is into Civil Services, and woking as Asstt. Commissioner, Executive Magistrate, Sub Deputy Collector posted with Government of Assam. The Founder and

Diabetes patients get hope for slow-healing wounds.

A new study by Yale University has given renewed hope to diabetic patients with slow-healing wounds. The researchers found out about a certain protein for maintaining wounds and said that if its effects could be reversed then it could help in healing wounds in diabetes patients.“We discovered

Health & Fitness
6 Common Nutrient Deficiencies You Must Be Aware Of

It is advised to consume a healthy ans well-balanced diet. Deficiencies of certain nutrients can affect your health in several ways. Here are common nutrient deficiencies you need to know. Nutrient deficiencies exist in various age groups and manifest in different across various ethnic groups.

Carrie Fisher: Star Wars actress’s reluctant life in the spotlight

Carrie Fisher, who has died aged 60, never intended to become a celebrity, yet from the moment she was born her often tumultuous life was lived in the public eye. Fisher's iconic roots were established early. She was born in 1956 to Hollywood starlet Debbie Reynolds and her first husband Eddie

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