E-Magazine : FEB-MARCH 2016
New languages for Western Australian schools

Development of curriculum for Hindi, Korean and Tamil will commence in July Syllabuses to be developed for Pre-primary to Year 12 Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery today announced the development of three new languages for WA schools. Pre-primary to Year 10 syllabuses for both Hindi

Oxford Vaccine Shot That Works Better In Smaller Doses Raises Questions

The news reached Sarah Gilbert Saturday evening that the Covid-19 vaccine she's developed with AstraZeneca Plc appeared to work. But the University of Oxford professor had expected a key number: Was it more than 90% effective, as others have been -- or less? Instead, when her colleague Andrew

Earwax test could reveal stress levels

Your earwax could be a window into your mental health, researchers have suggested. A study of 37 participants has shown a build-up of the stress hormone cortisol can be measured from the oily secretions around your ear canal. This could open the door to better ways of diagnosing psychiatric

Health & Fitness
Managing diabetes and related complications in the times of Covid-19

This article was created with valuable inputs from Dr. K. S. Chhajer. Dr. Chhajer specializes in Internal Medicine and Diabetes, and has over 25 years of experience in the field. Covid-19 has killed more than a million people across the globe. There are many risk factors that can result in

Black Panther 2 to Begin Shooting in July 2021

Months after the demise of the Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman, Marvel Studio is planning to begin shooting for the sequel of the superhero film in July 2021. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the sequel was sidelined after Boseman's sudden demise following which filmmaker Ryan Coogler

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